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Application Process

Handy One is uniquely designed to deliver the correct amount of flux exactly where it is needed. Because the flux is essentially pre-measured and accurately distributed, it eliminates many of the problems associated with overuse and underuse.

The benefits of using Handy One can be dramatic for your production operation:

  • The brazing process is simplified by eliminating a separate fluxing operation
  • The consistent application of flux and alloy improves joint quality
  • Joints have improved strengths because the use of Handy One has been found to reduce flux inclusions at the joint interface
  • Handy One can reduce post brazing cleaning and secondary finishing operations, reducing your overall metal-joining costs
  • Flux contamination within components, on plant equipment and in the waste water are dramatically reduced
  • Flux exposure to brazing personal is reduced
Review the videos below or the step by step screen images of how the alloy follows the flux into the joint. There are also product tips to help you.

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Step by Step Process
Handy One's flux and alloy is applied consistently to improve joint quality and reduce flux inclusions.
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Handy One product tips help many customers to better utilize the Handy One brazing product.
Brazing Tips

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