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When developing the Handy One product, it became clear to Lucas Milhaupt's engineers that one of the critical factors to the product's success was the extent to which the brazing alloy overlapped the flux core.
There needed to be sufficient overlap to contain the flux, but too much overlap inhibited the flow of the flux as it melted. Handy One has been engineered to allow the flux to escape through the overlap along its entire length, not just from the ends.
It is this feature which sets Handy One apart from the competition. It allows a more consistent flux application around the joint and produces better quality parts with fewer rejects.

Improved Joint Strength
Initial testing suggests that flux-cored materials produce higher strength joints due to a dramatic reduction in flux inclusions. Flux inclusions are voids in the joint left by entrapped flux between the parts. Handy One cored materials reduce these voids because of the viscosity of the flux at brazing temperatures and because less flux is used.
Void Estimate Graph

Test Result: Void area is the best measure of joint integrity. Voids can cause low joint strength by reducing the load carrying area and they frequently provide a path for leakage. Our tests illustrate a dramatic reduction of voids compared to traditional methods. A reduction in voids will produce stronger and higher quality braze joints.

Why it's better than flux coated
  • Flux won't crack or peel off the rod, even when bent
  • No burn back or carbon residue with cored materials
  • Less material is used - due to roll back of flux on coated rod
  • Handy One is a binderless product, there is nothing to contaminate the braze joint
  • No sodium glare - easier on the eyes
  • No stub ends without flux

Why it's better than Solid wire and paste flux

  • All in one product
  • No separate flux to apply
  • Produces stronger joints - less flux entrapped inside the joint
  • Less materials used

Why aluminum flux cored is better than solid aluminum wire

  • Joins copper to aluminum or aluminum to aluminum joints
  • Great for repair work and patching holes in aluminum coils
  • No handling of chemicals or corrosive flux to apply
  • Product doesn't fume
  • It's non-corrosive and does not need to be cleaned after soldering
  • Produces stronger joints

Cost Effective
Handy One reduces overall metal-joining cost by lowering the time it takes for post braze cleaning and secondary finishing operations.
Handy One reduces flux exposure to plant equipment, waste water and personnel.
Download safety data sheets:
AL802/MSDS 503 aluminum filler alloy metal
In a traditional braze joint, flux acts as an insulating agent. As a result, additional time and heat is required to bring the flux (and parts to be brazed) up to temperature. With Handy One, there is no separate flux applied to insulate the parts; this results in a significant reduction in brazing times and corresponding costs.
Extremely Simple
The Handy One brazing process is simplified by eliminating a separate fluxing operation.
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