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The Result Is A Sound Braze Joint
Step By Step Process

Step 1

Step 1
A multi-turn ring of Handy One flux-cored wire is placed on the outside diameter of the tube. The proper volume of filler metal has been calculated and formed into a preformed ring that will produce a strong, hermetic joint.

Step 2 - Flux dissolves and absorbs oxides that form during heating and facilitates successful brazing.

Step 2
During the initial phase of heating, brazing flux escapes from the preformed ring, distributing flux throughout the joint area. When active, the flux is drawn by capillary attraction down into the joint.

Step 3 - Flux protects the filler metal and material surface as the filler metal is drawn down into the joint.

Step 3
The flux is now active and the filler metal begins to melt. The alloy, when fully molten, will follow the flux (and capillary attraction) into the joint. The minimal amount of flux in the cored wire reduces flux inclusions and produces high-strength joints.

Step 4

Step 4
Handy One produces sound braze joints with complete alloy penetration and a uniform fillet that is visible at the surface.
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